We Provide a Complete Range of Services for Renovations and Building Repairs.

Builders Licence – BC102438 | Painters Reg – 8125 | Electrical Licence – EC12141

We provide a team of highly skilled tradesmen for our property management, government, commercial and residential clients.

Our office and field staff are all committed to living up to the company’s values and expectations. Finding a tradesperson to complete a specific requirement can be very hit and miss; we take the miss out of the equation. No matter what job we are there to complete, the same company expectations, commitments and values are upheld. We back our workmanship across the board 100% and if something isn’t as it should be we fix it. Having a large team of tradesmen and scheduling staff that know their strengths allows us to choose the most suitable person for your job, and ensures an efficient and top quality outcome. With finely honed skills in a wide range of services, you won’t catch us practicing on your important job.

We guard our reputation and keep our promises!