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We guard our reputation and keep our promises.

Builders Licence – BC102438 | Painters Reg – 8125 | Electrical Licence – EC12141

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Modus Property brings a level of service to trade work usually only expected from “White Collar” professionals.

How Modus Property Make A Difference

We are committed to stable growth through providing, and not just promising, great service and value to our clients.


Skilled Trades

Modus Property tradespeople are experts in their field and are equipped to do the job properly. You can be assured that the person carrying out your work is practiced in their profession.

Corporate Service

Our team are at the ready to give you fast and professional service. We listen to your needs, provided detailed quotes and manage our jobs through to prompt and high quality completion.

Affordable Prices

There are often multiple ways to complete a job and our team have the experience to come up with the best solution. Our goal is always to deliver a quality result in the most cost effective way possible.

What our clients say!

We had our kitchen renovated. I couldn't fault them on the service or the work done. It was done on time and to a tight budget. Andy the project manager was there most days keeping and eye on the progress. Good work everyone!

Hayley Mason

Some of our regular clients!